Delmar Reynolds

3 Dangerous Lies The Big Pharma Is Teaching Your Doctor

A lot of people know very little about pre-diabetes. This causes a lot of issues since big pharmaceutical companies can easily take advantage of people’s ignorance, and keep selling them expensive drugs so that they can make money off of innocent victims. This is why it is important to expose these lies, and to spread an awareness regarding the true nature of pre-diabetes and the harm it can do to people.
Here are the 3 main lies that doctors tell about pre-diabetes:
1.  Pre-diabetes is only a warning sign:
Most of the medical professionals who advise people on matters like diabetes state that pre-diabetes is the state or condition that may or may not lead to Type 2 diabetes. Often so, they suggest to their patients that pre-diabetes does not mean that people have any diabetic condition. This however, has been revealed to be a big lie that has been sold to patients over the years. If you have a blood sugar count that exceeds 125 mg/dl, you are diagnosed with diabetes. However, if the amount of blood sugar count is somewhere between 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl, doctors state that this is not exactly a diabetic condition.
This is where the main crisis lies. When patients hear this from their doctors, they easily feel assured that this is nothing but a little warning sign that they can easily ignore because they really do not have anything to fear. They think that all they would have to do is watch their weight and exercise a bit, and the heavy work is done!
Pre-diabetes is real, and it can be very dangerous. A lot of researchers are calling it Type 1 diabetes that occurs before the medical illness advances to Type 2. When patients are told that their pre-diabetic condition is actually Type 1 diabetes where they really should focus on the solution instead of treating it as a minor speed bump, people are bound to take this more seriously. This will keep their medical condition in check and not let it worsen. This way they would not have to resort to highly expensive medicines to stay balanced.
2.  Pre-diabetes cannot be easily noticed:
Usually, very few doctors do a regular checkup of the blood sugar level in their patients because they think that pre-diabetes has no symptoms. It is not that these doctors are incompetent. In fact, these doctors are ill-advised by their pharmaceutical reps that pre-diabetic conditions are not very dangerous, so they do not need to be checked. So unless you are experiencing problems like frequent urination, constant thirst and hunger (which usually occur in Type 2 diabetes stage), you won’t be tested for diabetes at all!
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However, the truth is that pre-diabetes do have other main symptoms which the greedy pharmaceutical agents do not want you to know. This program contains a detailed list of the symptoms of pre-diabetes so that you can gain an advantage to keep your body healthy and take action immediately.
3. Pre-diabetes can be easily taken care of with exercise and diet:
This is hardly the truth. While it is important to keep your weight under control and to stay physically active so as to maintain a healthy life, you need to get a properly structured diet in place which your doctors will not advise you on. Also, this lie ignores the fact that many patients can get pre-diabetes (that usually worsens to become Type 2 diabetes) because of the insulin resistance in their bodies. Here, it wouldn’t matter if you are exercising daily or eating properly. The high rate of free fatty acids (FFAs) in your blood will stop insulin from acting. This is why your blood sugar count will keep rising.
This program is the first to mention the importance of the vitamin called nyacin which helps in destroying free fatty acids and allows the insulin to become active again. The insulin can then transport the glucose to the cells and help in blood sugar optimization. The program gives a list of ingredients that need to be taken along with foods that contain nyacin, so that this vitamin can do its work properly in the body.
These three lies have been propagated by the big pharma companies because they do not want patients to cure themselves of their condition. Diabetic cases pull in over 245 billion dollars on an annual basis for these companies, and they do not want to lose their profits. This program will tell you how to spot the lies amongst the truth, so that you can make the best choices for yourself. So click the button below to join today, and learn the facts that have been hidden from you! Reclaim the opportunity to live a life free of pre-diabetes again.