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Cellulite treatments recommended by doctors

Cellulite reduction by utilizing several facilities offered by specialized spas
But before we get into the details, we need to have some basic information about the relevant cellulite information. It might help us to comprehend the problem better and so it would be easier for us to work towards a solution.
Cellulite treatments advised by doctors are divided in two types, and they are lipodissolve (which is the most recent progress in the liposuction surgery) and mesotherapy.
Why don’t we first discover what lipodissolve is.
It is latest method of cellulite treatment method and unlike liposuction which takes away large amounts of fat from all over the body through surgical treatment; lipodissolve injects phosphatidylcholine just below the skin. This medicine works easily with typical physiological functioning of the body and the results are reached within 2 weeks. However, this method of cellulite treatment has not been extensively implemented and it is yet to get the approval from FDA.
A more well established method of cellulite treatment is mesotherapy. A personalized medicine of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is inserted directly in the affected areas. Medical professionals normally prescribe a two week treatment for an affected place and the results obtained often could be spectacular. Several individuals have reported a reduction of as much as six inches of cellulite in a fortnight.
The other non medical methods available for cellulite treatment are:
Cellulite Acoustic Wave Therapy
Endermologie is simply a massaging technique which expands the impacted areas so that the cellulite fades away.
The next treatment makes use of acoustic waves to pressurize the fat below the skin and makes the epidermis look smoother. It requires close to 6 sessions to get visible results.
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