Delmar Reynolds

3 Problems Xanax Can Solve

Xanax (or alprazolam) is often used to treat anxiety disorders and some other health issues. It belongs to the top 20 most prescribed medications in the USA and more than 30 million people take it. Let’s go over the main problems it can treat.

One of the most common medical usages is to treat anxiety disorders. If the anxiety disorder is caused by depression or is associated with it, the patient is likely to be prescribed Xanax. The studies have shown that the effect lasts up to 4 months. As a result, it’s called a short-term cure for depression. Many countries agree on the 2-4 week course of treatment. On the other hand, one experiment showed that high dosage and long-term treatment with Xanax cause reversed depression.

Xanax is the treatment of GAD which stands for generalized anxiety disorder. This kind of anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worry about events which is often irrational.

In addition, it’s used to relieve severe anxiety or panic attacks. Although there is some other medicine to treat these issues, Xanax still can be prescribed. It’s known that Xanax can cause addiction and many people abuse it. That’s why many countries don’t recommend using it to help with panic attacks favoring less addictive medicine. After selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors have been developed, Xanax moved away from being No 1 treatment for this problem.

The third most common reason a person takes Xanax is to deal with nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy. The doctors combine it with some other medicine to help treat this problem.

Xanax is a prescription drug which is assigned to Schedule IV in many countries. That’s why it’s very important to follow your doctor’s instructions and prescribed dosage directly. This way you’ll reduce or completely avoid side effects.